Please read carefully before commissioning.


■ All layers are separated and the file is ready for Live2D rig.

■ The file you will recieve is the complete character, ready to be animated. This is just the art file! You will need an animator!

What you will need:

■ Good references (preferably charachter sheet)

■ Any additional services (animations, emotes etc.)




Half body 1600CHF | Full body 2000CHF


■ PSD flats LIVE2D ready

■ Includes full image PNG

■ 4 Base expressions (happy, angry, sad, +1)

Can Do
■ Humans, Kemonomimi, Horns etc
■ Young ~ adult age, all genders
■ Soft injuries


Extra expression stickers or animation prices depend on complexity.

Listed are Starting Prices. Prices are subject to change.

Half body model does not include hands drawn unless you specify to have it positioned upwards.
Additional fee for complex designs, additional parts, accessories, additional toggles/animations and expressions.

For Commercial Use.

I have the right to decline if I feel I am unable to fulfill your request.

Can't Do
■ Overy complex designs, armors
■ Furries, Non-humanoid
■ Offensive themes